Raising Rented Housing Standards in the East Midlands

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The following documents have been compiled for your benefit, please feel free to download them.

DASH Publications

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LACORS Private Sector Housing publications overview: 2007-2009

Over the past three years, LACORS has produced pertinent information and guidance on major topics affecting the private rented sector, subjects covered include@

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The Decent Homes Standard

The CLG has produced guidance on the Decency Standard that was revised in 2006. The guidance explains a number of Decent Homes policy amendments and seeks to clarify issues that have arisen in the implementation of the programme. Please follow the link below to the revised guidance. A Decent Home: Definition and guidance for implementation

Further information on the process of implementing the Decency Standard and the effect on tenants can be found by following the link below: Directgov: Decent Homes standard

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Housing Health & Safety Rating System Downloads

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HHSRS Worked Examples

These examples are the opinions of a group of over 20 housing practitioners in the East Midlands. They represent the current state of judgement and practice amongst those officers and are not intended as model answers but are offered for peer review.

Please note: These examples do not form any degree of national standard and have not been accepted as law, therefore regional variations are possible. Compliance with all relevant laws should be sought from the local authority or local fire service before implementing any fire safety standard.

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House Condition Survey

The English House Condition Survey 2005 provides a detailed account of living conditions. The report covers a number of key policy areas including decent homes, vulnerable households, the equality of the local environment, energy efficiency and disparities in living conditions.

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Fire Safety Guides

The new Housing - Fire Safety guidance is available on the LACoRS website.

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Health & Safety Guides

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Guides to HMOs and Licensing

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Migrant Workers

Advice for Migrant Workers:

The details given in these leaflets are designed to provide migrant workers with useful information covering many aspects of living and working in the UK. These documents contain additional links that you can use to take you to the relevant website or e-mail.

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Safety in the Home

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Tenancy Support

For those wishing to offer support to tenancies that are at risk this is a comprehensive survey into exising schemes and publications of the newly developing practice.

Written by Accent Regeneration, the Research of Tenanacy Support Schemes focuses on the development and delivery of tenancy support schemes.

The results of a survey and interviews form the basis of the content of this document along with research into other tenancy support based publications, Government policy and legislative guidance.

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