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Migrant Workers

A8 Migrant Workers and Housing in the East Midlands

Decent and Safe Homes (East Midlands) has been requested by the Regional Housing Group and Government Office East Midlands to conduct research into the housing needs of Migrant Workers in the East Midlands.

Since 2004 there has been a steady increase in the number of migrant workers coming to the UK from the so-called A8 countries: Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and Estonia. The East Midlands is one of the regions in the UK that has seen a massive rise in the number of these migrants seeking to live and work in the region.

Migrant workers range from highly skilled and educated people working in tertiary level jobs to those who lack skills but are motivated to work in the many available low-skilled positions in agriculture, hotels and catering and manufacturing. Little is known about the housing needs of migrant workers. Research primarily looking at labour market issues has revealed that workers are often housed in poor quality, over-crowded housing although other evidence has been presented suggesting the housing needs of this group are as diverse as the group itself.

The research undertaken by the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies on behalf of DASH explores the housing needs of migrant workers from the perspective local authorities and their partners having adequate resources to meet these needs. The four main research objectives are to:

For further information see the research paper Migrants from A8 Countries and Housing in the East Midlands [592kb].

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Migrant Workers Project

The Migrant Workers Project is based in South Lincolnshire and is funded by the East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) and Lincolnshire Enterprise. Their website hosts information on local, regional and national issues that migrant workers and employers or support advice agencies would find of use.

The Migrant Worker Project seeks to provide information about, and to develop innovative ways of delivering services to the many non-English speaking migrant workers. By providing official data on the needs of this group, and their impact on local service provision agencies will be able to plan service provision in a strategic model.

The Migrant Worker Team from the project have prepared a study on the The Dynamics of Migrant Labour in South Lincolnshire [681kb]. The research was commissioned by the East Midlands Development Agency, Lincolnshire Enterprise, South Holland District Council and Boston Borough Council in an attempt to understand the issues around migrant working.

Project Contacts

Telephone: 01775 761161
Address: Migrant Workers Project, Community Team, South Holland District Council, Priory Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2XE

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Useful Migrant Worker Information

DASH have created some leaflets to help inform migrant workers of their rights in the UK. These are available in English, Latvian, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian and can be downloaded from our downloads page

I&DeA Migration Programme - sharing good practice, containing reports and information on migrant worker status for use by local authorities.

Crossing Borders - A report by the Audit Commission responding to the challenges of Migrant Workers

The I&DeA;'s New European Migration: A Good Practice Guide for Local Authorities - A strong emphasis on practical policies and steps that local councils can take. The report builds on the Audit Commisions 'Crossing Boarders' and the IPPR/CRE's 'The Reception and Integration of New Migrant Communities'

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