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East Midlands HMO Licensing Survey

A survey was recently carried out over the 40 East Midlands Local Authorites covering the issue of Licensing. The results can be found here. Local Authority Survey Results [22kb].

The DASH 5th Local Authority Conference - Enforcement

The 5th Local Authority Conference organised by Decent and Safe Homes was held on Thursday 19th October 2006 at Software AG, Derby.

View the Agenda [87kb] from the day.

Over 50 delegates from Private Sector Housing departments across the East Midlands attended the event which was based around the theme of ‘Housing Enforcement in the Private Rented Sector’. The Conference was opened with an introduction from DASH Project Manager, Tom Toumazou who detailed recent work carried out by DASH, and proposals for the near future. This was followed by presentations about current and future training events by DASH Project Officer, Tony Briggs; HMO Licensing statistics across the region, and the proposed Information Sharing Agreement by DASH Project Officer, Bex Brown; and recent publications produced by DASH by DASH Project Administrator, Anne Honey (see the DASH Update presentation [4.92mb]).

Following the introduction, the first speaker of the day was Richard Tacagni, newly appointed Head of Private Sector Housing at LACoRS, who detailed the role of LACoRS, and how they can help Local Authorities with the introduction of the new Housing Act by providing guidance and documentation to local authorities. (View the presentation [558kb]).

After a break, Alan Armstrong from South Tyneside Council, and Jenni Seex, from Manchester City Council entertainingly described their experiences of Management Orders, and provided delegates with example documents. This was followed by a workshop in which delegates were divided into three working groups to discuss how they would have dealt with an example Management Order case. (View the Case presentation [539kb] and handouts - Acronyms [7kb], Determination of Managing Agent [16kb] and Management Schedule [18kb]).

Following a delicious lunch, Neil Marsden from Leeds City Council led the second workshop of the day titled ‘The Enforcement of HMO Licence Conditions’ [45kb]. Mark Huckerby, Head of Technical Fire Safety at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue, gave the final informative talk about the new Fire Safety Order, its history, introduction and implications - view the Fire Safety Order presentation [1.62mb]. The afternoon was concluded with the third and final workshop led by Tom Toumazou which encouraged the delegates to think of ways to find licensable HMO’s (view the HMO presentation [114kb]).

The event was a huge success, with informative and varied speakers covering several different themes while contributing to the central discussion topic of ‘Housing Enforcement in the Private Rented Sector’.

view the average response from some of the delegates [11kb] who completed their evaluation forms.

Landlord Summit '06

Decent and Safe Homes East Midlands
First Regional Conference
Largest Regional Event for the Private Rented Sector

Landlord Summit

The East Midlands Landlord Summit took place at the Walker Stadium in Leicester on 5th October 2006. The summit was hosted by Decent and Safe Homes East Midlands (DASH) and was the first event of its kind and scale. Over 515 delegates registered and more than 70 exhibitors were present.

The summit opened at 1pm and ran until 8pm and included exhibitions, seminars, fire safety demonstrations, leaders in the private rented sector and a free buffet.

The summit was officially opened by John Daniels from the Communities and Local Government at 1.30pm. Mr. Daniels welcomed the attendees and gave his support to the summit in an entertaining and informative opening speech that set the tone for the rest of the day.

Following the opening of the event, delegates were invited to attend a series of seminars during the course of the day and into the early evening. Most seminars were repeated at least once to help ensure that delegates would be able to attend every seminar that was of interest to them. A wide variety of seminars were on offer, all of which were presented by authorities in their chosen field. The seminars were informative and well attended, with many producing lively debates. The seminars included:

Reform of Housing Tenure Law – presented by Professor Martin Partington special consultant to the Law Commission. View the presentation [95kb].
Inheritance Tax and Investment Advice – Presented by Wayne Sarkey and Steve Hodder form Bates Investment Services
Fire Safety in Dwellings – presented by Malcolm Hoare from CS Todd Associates Ltd. View the ITIA presentation [258kb]
Licensing – presented by Peter Brown Chairman of the HMO network. View the Licensing presentation [1.08mb]
Agenda for the Private Rented Sector – presented by David Salusbury, Chairman of the National Landlords Association
Tenancy Deposit Schemes – presented by Phil Alker (Senior Policy Officer CLG with responsibility for the tenancy deposit scheme,) view the Tenancy Deposit Schemes Private Sector presentation [362kb], and Lawrence Greenberg from the Professional Mediators Group. view the Tenancy Deposit Schemes Local Government presentation [941kb].
View Presentation by Liz King on HHSRS [79kb], and by Maxine Fothergill on HHSRS [3.91mb].

The day also included a very entertaining question time session that was chaired by Andrew Griffiths, the Principal Policy Officer from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. The panel included Neil Marsden, from the Neighbourhoods and Housing Department of Leeds City Council, Peter Brown from the HMO network, John Daniels from CLG and David Salusbury from the National Landlords Association. The panel did not deflect or refuse difficult questions from the floor and provided good arguments to support their cases without ever appearing condescending to the delegates.

The summit also provided delegates with the opportunity to tour the extensive exhibition area which hosted 72 exhibitors, the largest of its kind in the country. Companies and groups that were present included IKEA, Accreditation Network UK (ANUK) East Midlands Property Owners (EMPO), eON, Cheltenham & Gloucester, as well as several legal firms, insurance companies and fire safety companies amongst others. Many Local Authorities were also represented at the event, with Housing Officers on hand to answer specific queries and provide advice to landlords in their area.

Delegates were also treated to a free high quality finger buffet in the afternoon, and free tea, coffee and water were available throughout the day. The bar in the eON club lounge opened at 5PM, and while this was unfortunately not free, it did provide the opportunity for delegates to relax with a drink after they had attended their seminars and gave a fine opportunity to meet new people and discuss the day’s events.

As delegates began to leave at the end of the day, it was apparent that the event had been incredibly well attended, very well received and had provided a lot of delegates with a great deal of useful information, contacts, answers to questions and advice and guidance for the future. The first DASH Landlord Summit and Exhibition was a great success and achieved its aim of providing an event that was dedicated to helping the delegates become the most well informed landlords and property professionals in the country.
For more information and the presentations visit: www.landlordsummit.org.uk

More pictures from the Summit...

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